Värtön Taxi

~ After serving thousands of customers and covering millions of kilometers, our goal remains the same. Our mission is to provide customers with safe and high-quality service. For us, the customer always comes first!~

~ Roots deeply embedded in the beginning of taxi operations in Oulu! ~

Värtön Taksi Oy was established as a result of a change in legal form in 2013. The company’s name reflects the founder’s place of residence. However, the founder has experience in the taxi industry dating back to the 1970s.

Värtön Taxi traces its roots back to the inception of the first taxis in Oulu. The founder’s maternal uncle, Iikka Peninkangas, was already a horse-drawn carriage driver before cars made their way into the streets of Oulu. When taxi services with automobiles were introduced, Iikka was among the first to join, choosing the number 16 for his taxi, which had been the number of his carriage. Taxi 16 started operating from Erottaja and their base was in front of Oulu’s finest establishment, Seurahuone, which is now the City Hall.

Taxi 16 became the first taxi of Värtön Taxi’s founder, although he acquired it through his own experience as a taxi driver rather than as a family inheritance.

The founder of the company has a solid background in the taxi industry, not only through personal experience but also through family connections. In fact, the founder’s first ride home as a little boy born at Tuiran maternity hospital was in his grandfather’s Pobeda taxi. His father also worked as a taxi driver in the past. The family has had a total of eight taxi entrepreneurs, so the taxi business has been passed down through generations.

However, the reason for being in the taxi industry is not solely based on family ties but rather the desire to work with people and provide them with taxi services, ensuring they can safely and comfortably reach their desired destinations.

Currently, Värtön Taxi operates five vehicles, including one normal taxi and four minivan taxi that allows for stretcher and wheelchair taxi services as well as transportation for up to eight passengers. This reflects the company’s strategy of staying in line with the changing times and its constant effort to adapt to societal changes. This has been recognized by the growing number of loyal customers who continue to rely on their services.

Founder – Jorma Päätalo

The Mission

Värtön Taxi’s goal is to offer the customer high-quality and pleasant customer service so that the customer wants to choose Värtön Taxi in the future as well!

“For us, the customer is always number one!”.


We want to offer our customers a high-quality taxi service according to the latest trends of the time!

“When you need a high-quality taxi service, call Värtön Taksi!”

The values

The goal of Värtö taxi is to transport the customer safely to their desired destination.

At Värtö Taxi, we want the customer to be so satisfied with the service they receive that they want to choose us in the future.

We want to offer a taxi service that the customer can trust.

Kindness is the cornerstone of our strategy, so we want our customers to remember us for our friendly service.

Värtön Taksi Oy